When choosing new furniture for your office or your home, it would be quite handy if you could simply drag and drop furniture into your room to see it in real time, right?  

Luckily, the recent launch of Apple Vision Pro enables this process. RapidCompact 6.7.0 helps you by optimizing your models for minimal file size, draw calls and more, making it possible to simply view your model into your environment!   

This model of a Daiki Chair was initially a high-poly modelcontaining roughly 180k Triangles.  

Thanks to our “Apple Vision Pro” Preset, you can immediately optimize your models – with a simple click of a button. This preset was made specifically for the Apple Vision Pro, based on Apple Quicklook and its respective technical requirements 

You can use this preset by going to the optimization settings 🠮 Application 🠮 Apple Vision Pro  

After processing has finished, the model will be available in the “OPTIMIZED MODELS” section. Here you can review the model in a real time 3D viewer in your browser. 

Using this preset in the cloud, all UVs are aggregated and create a unified layout.
Furthermore, all information is baked to new UVs.  

The number of triangles was optimized from 179,032 to approximately 32k, reducing the amount by 82%. The prior size amounted to 46.13 MB and RapidCompact reduced it to only 6.45 MB which results in a reduction of 86%. 

The optimized model is ready for your Apple Vision Pro or for real-time applications and browsers.
Additionally, the output formats include USDZ for compatibility with the Vision Pro and Mac OS systems, GLB for compatibility with various web browsers and systems and many more formats.  

Alternatively, you can also check out this model in AR on an Android phone, just click on the AR symbol and scan the QR code.
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