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At GTC, Nvidia unveiled a new framework that will enable OpenUSD scenes to be transmitted to the Apple Vision Pro.  

The main new feature is support for OpenUSD (Universal Scene Description) files from the web on the Apple headset. The Omniverse Cloud also allows these scenes to be streamed as “digital twins” to the Vision Pro in real-time. For this, Nvidia uses its own Graphics Delivery Network (GDN), a global network of data centers. 

At GTC, Nvidia showed an interactively manipulable vehicle that could be physically displayed in full resolution on the Vision Pro. During the demo, a designer could use generative AI to customize the vehicle’s appearance – in terms of color or environment, for example – and then virtually ‘enter’ the vehicle. 

Watch complete keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang here: https://www.youtube.com/live/Y2F8yisiS6E?si=Qs-ZSd6ZmFqdOonA  

How to get your 3D Source Data to NVIDIA Omniverse and Apple Vision Pro? 

With the RapidCompact preset “Apple Vision Pro” you can achieve the best results directly for the Vision Pro (without Omniverse).

To get your content to the Vision Pro via NVIDIA Omniverse, the best approach is to convert your existing glTF, FBX and other content into USD. Using RapidCompact with the right export profile, this will make it perfectly ready for Omniverse, in just a few seconds. In addition, file size, polygon count and number of textures of your 3D model should be reduced. This leads to better performance and faster loading times. 

What is OpenUSD and why is it important to us? 

With the formation of the Alliance for OpenUSD (AOUSD), Adobe, Autodesk, Apple, Pixar and NVIDIA have reached a fundamental level of industry alignment on a powerful standard – Open Universal Scene Description (USD). This amazing step forward will enable easier workflows for content creation, optimization and distribution through widespread adoption within rendering software and DCCs.   

Having supported USD with our RapidCompact software and as a company for over four years now, we are thrilled to see this standard finally being widely adopted by other key players – and of course we haven’t been resting on our laurels since our initial USD support became available. Specifically, we have greatly enhanced RapidCompact’s USD import and export capabilities. Especially in terms of feature coverage and visual consistency of processed materials.  

One of the most important goals was to provide the best possible output for NVIDIA Omniverse. As a partner of NVIDIA and a member of their Inception program, we are proud to support their mission to enable developers to quickly create scalable, high-performance 3D rendering and simulation applications. We were therefore excited to present our latest advances to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang in person at the DGG booth at SIGGRAPH 2023. 

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