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Panel IFC summit 2020

The 2020 International Future Computing (IFC) Summit is taking place today. Speakers from research and industry will give a comprehensive insight into challenges and possibilities of computing technologies in the future.

In the panel discussion “Innovations in Cross-Platform Support”, starting at 02:30 pm PST, our CEO Dr. Max Limper will be speaking about cross-platform support. In the 3D domain, many platforms and applications exist that are connected in various way. How can processes enable cross-platform use-cases?

Together with Jarl Ostensen, Vice-President Technology at Polystream, and Jeremy Alessi, CEO at StreamSDK, Max will be discussing about the next era of computing, and what impact cross-platform support will have in specific industries.

Focus of the session will be the speed of innovation and the possibilities of today regarding a create-once reach-all approach in different areas. All participants of the panel are innovators that are changing the way content and applications are created, processed and distributed.

See the full agenda for more information on the schedule of the 2020 IFC Summit.

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