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new platform features

We’re pleased to announce the latest updates we have rolled out for RapidCompact 4.0 and its API.

  • Enjoy new CAD support for file formats IGES, STEP, JT)
    RapidCompact now supports several CAD formats (JT, STEP and IGES). These formats are available for users on the Studio or Enterprise plan.
  • Monitor the progress of your optimizations
    RapidCompact users can now monitor the progress of their optimizations in detail.

progress new platform updates

  • See renderings of your uploaded models before optimizing them
    After uploading a new raw model, the system will render a thumbnail and generate a table of the model stats. The Stats include information like the bounding box size, number of vertices, number of faces, number of meshes, number of materials, number of nodes and more. The thumbnail and the stats are displayed in the rawmodel page and can be viewed by clicking on the rawmodel row to extend the view.

rawmodel_details new platform updates

  • Display Stats about your original and optimized models
    The same stats that are generated and displayed for the rawmodel, are generated and displayed for the optimized models. These stats give users an idea of what has been optimized and to what extent. For example, by comparing the stats between the rawmodel and the optimized model, users can see how many nodes or faces have been reduced.

rapidmodel new platform updates

  • New enhanced optimization API endpoint
    The update includes fixes and changes to our API which is now labelled as v1.0. The API is accessible at (api.rapidcompact.com) and backward compatibility is preserved. Therefore, users do not need to update your scripts or cli config, unless they missed our previous system updates regarding our new domain name.
  • Embed traffic and storage limits
    The storage and embed traffic that has been used can be viewed in the settings page.
  • RapidCompact core update
    Our portal now uses RapidCompact core version 4.0.5 which allows the support of the CAD formats and includes bugs fixes and enhancements.
  • Bug fixes
    This update comes with fixes and changes to improve the performance of the system and deliver a better user experience.

Stay in touch, we will be releasing more features very soon!

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