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New Subscription Plans with better prices 

Inflation ? Not with us !

While everything is getting more expensive in the world with inflation rates over 10% per year in some countries, we are doing the opposite:

We´re reducing our prices. Why would you do this, you might think ? 

Well, because we can! Our solution is so powerful and cost efficient that we can offer better prices to our customers, improving our product offering even further. We have also listened to your requests that the carry-over feature in the plans was not really necessary, so by removing it from the new plans we are able to reduce our pricing and forward this benefit directly to you.

With the new subscription plans, we´re now offering:

  • A 30% lower price for the monthly Basic plan (99 € instead of 129 € before)
  • 100 more api calls / RapidPoints for the Professional plan for the same price (499 € per month)
  • Yearly plans for even 20% less compared to the monthly plans

We also improved the usability of the cloud solution by adding a ´pay-as-you-go´ option with overdraft. In some cases you may want to go over the limit of 100 / 500 api calls per month and you don´t want to interrupt usage in your system. In such case you can define an overdraft limit to ensure that everything runs smoothly and only those api calls are being billed for that were actively used. 

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