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Darmstadt, Germany (July 20th, 2023). Deep tech startup DGG announced a €4m new funding to accelerate its 3D optimization software, RapidCompact, global expansion, partners program and R&D on real-time 3D, AR, and XR applications. The round is led by European VC IRIS alongside existing investors RenderedVC, FTTF, 3VC, as well as Business Angels Charlie Songhurst and Chris Schagen.

DGG is a deep tech company built over 8 years of research at the world-famous Fraunhofer institute (creator of the MP3 format) where co-founders Max Limper, Miguel Sousa, Julian-Alexander Neagu, Sebastian Wagner and Felix Limper originally met. They first launched RapidCompact, a unique technology that helps the global developer community automatically create optimized 3D assets for eCommerce and beyond. The startup is currently extending its products line and offers a platform for technology partners, as well as dedicated integrations for large enterprise clients.

The central problem in real-time 3D & XR applications is the lack of properly formatted 3D content: while 3D display tech (hardware and software) is well developed, the creation and optimization of 3D content for different kinds of interactive experiences is still a manual process. The RapidCompact software and API allow eCommerce clients and platform partners to integrate the tech into their backend infrastructure so that their merchants can automatically upload 3D models of their products whatever their size, complexity, or format, by making many thousands of 3D models accessible to all kinds of real-time 3D and XR applications, within a few hours.

“What might sound complicated is actually really simple for our users: our technology allows them to create and display 3D models just the way YouTube allows content creators to upload their content with a drag-and-drop feature. Our ultimate goal is to make 3D technology accessible to all retailers and product creators through an API with the essential building blocks, and this new funding will help us boost our growth and R&D”, Max Limper, DGG’s Co-Founder and CEO.

DGG is already serving several leading retailers worldwide, including Adidas, Crate & Barrel, and Otto Group, as well as key eCommerce platform partners, such as Shopify and Adobe. With its unique focus on
automation, DGG’s RapidCompact solution has already created more than two million optimized 3D models during the past two years.

Thorben Rothe, Partner at IRIS, adds: “We see great potential in DGG and how they make 3D content easily accessible and scalable to the retail industry and beyond. Their technology represents an essential building block for successful 3D infrastructures as their experienced team is developing many product enhancements that fulfil its mission, making 3D accessible to all and we are pleased to support DGG in this endeavour.“

The DGG team is also working on a new product that automatically converts “offline” CGI assets to real-time 3D formats, which will be presented at the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles this August. This specific challenge is currently blocking the broader adoption of 3D technology within the retail industry and helping retailers address and scale 3D content creation for XR will be a major step in digital retail.



About DGG
DGG is a deep tech company founded in 2018 by Max Limper, Miguel Sousa, Julian-Alexander Neagu, Sebastian Wagner and Felix Limper who started researching automation technology to remove an essential bottleneck in real-time 3D content creation DGG’s RapidCompact solution offers unparalleled speed and ease of use when converting and optimizing complex 3D models for real-time 3D applications such as Augmented Reality. More than 2,000,000 optimized 3D models have been created with its RapidCompact technology by B2B customers like Shopify and Adobe. As a spinoff of the world-famous Fraunhofer institute, DGG has it’s Headquarter in the science city Darmstadt. For more information visit: www.dgg3d.com.

About IRIS
IRIS is a European Venture and Growth firm specialized in tech, investing in seed, Series A, late stage, and growth. With offices and teams in Paris, Berlin, and Munich and a keen understanding of their markets and a robust international network, IRIS is a selective partner to the upcoming scale-ups and tech giants, helping them increase their visibility, business reach, and impact across the world. IRIS investments include, among others, companies such as Adjust, Braincube, Cohort, Exotec, Forto, Kyriba, Jedox, LeanIX, Lumapps, Lookout, Red Points, Shift, Spinergie, SurePay, Talend, Talon.one, Workpath and Zeta Global. For more information, visit www.iris.vc

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