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We are proud to announce DGG teaming up with intelligentgraphics GmbH, a leading provider of smart 3D data for visual e-commerce/CPQ (Configure Price Quote) applications, to bring scalable, automated 3D data processing to everyone dealing with virtual products.

More and more e-commerce businesses are starting to provide shoppers with AR and mobile 3D experiences, for example by allowing them to configure furniture and then virtually place them inside their home before the actual purchase. Online retailers are excited about enhanced customer satisfaction, as well as about measurable benefits of AR and 3D commerce – including significantly increased conversion rates and a reduction in returns. However, creating virtual 3D assets for all of such use cases is a non-trivial task, and often includes many hours of manual work.

This problem becomes more and more crucial since a variety of assets have to be created for each single product, including variants for different target platforms (such as mobile devices or more powerful stationary computers), but also for various kinds of applications (for example, for room planners vs. for singleitem configurators, or even for the creation of CGIs).

Now, as a result of intense R&D, intelligentgraphics and DGG are presenting a scalable solution to exactly this problem.

‘While intelligentgraphics provides solutions for the creation of parametric, multi-purpose, virtual products on an industrial scale with strong linkage to commercial data, DGG’s RapidCompact software allows for the fully-automated optimization of 3D asset data for AR, VR and 3D on the Web and thus supports a single data source for all 3D aspects including CGI creation.’

Check out the official press release.

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