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Often regarded as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, Le Corbusier´s artistic brilliance extended far beyond conventional boundaries. His innovative designs encompassed not just buildings but also bespoke furniture pieces. Embracing the spirit of modernity, RapidCompact´s optimisation allows you to breathe new life into Le Corbusier’s timeless furniture. Thus, you can effortlessly integrate them into virtual spaces for a truly immersive experience.

For July´s Model of the Month, we showcase one of the most famous armchair ever designed: the LC3 armchair (1928). A 3D model of this timeless classic furniture piece can be found at designconnected, for example. With its high polygonal mesh and diverse texture sets, the original model’s file size of 25.5 MB presents a challenge for real-time applications.

In order to maximize the optimisation of the 3D model, it has been processed using the Atlas Baking workflow. Thus, the initial 3 materials have been merged into a single one. To avoid losing the quality of the materials of this precious piece, the textures have been baked in 4K resolution. However, thanks to the possibility of choosing JPG as the desired texture format in the RapidCompact Cloud, the size of the final model has not been compromised.

As with many other models, certain parts of this armchair depend on certain number of polygons. Thus, too strong a decision would cause the polygons to be visible on the metal bars when rounded. However, for such cases, other parameters can reduce the number of polygons without damaging the quality of the result. In this case, the Remove Invisible Geometry parameter helps getting rid of the inner polygons of the cushions, which we do not need.

Finally, we have reduced the originally 25.5 MB model to 4.3 MB. Our armchair is now ready to be used in real-time applications and browsers. Like usually, you can check the result in the embed we have prepared thanks to the RapidCompact Cloud. Don´t forget to test our new Rendered Channel button, with which you can choose what material channel you want to see. Additionally, you can scan the QR code to see in augmented reality how this iconic armchair would look in your own room.

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