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… too complex for websites and interactive use

RapidCompact Complex high poly 3D model of Eames Lounge Chair in Blender

… optimized for fast loading e-commerce websites


… optimized for mobile AR and VR

DGG Hero AR Mockups

… optimized for USD in Omniverse

Omniverse XR

3D production teams from small studios to leading global enterprises rely on the speed, quality, and scalability of RapidCompact to meet their growing demand for high-performance 3D content across e-commerce, augmented reality, and VR environments.

DGG RapidCompact Screen Optimized Models

SaaS Solution & API

Available to everyone, the RapidCompact cloud solution helps studios and agencies to convert and optimize 3D models for e-commerce websites, augmented reality applications and the metaverse.

Based on years of research, RapidCompact offers the fastest and most advanced technology that automatically processes even complex 3D models into lightweight interactive models in less than a minute on average. Our advanced geometry processing, texture baking, UV remapping, and shader optimization algorithms ensure that 3D models are as small as possible, so they load fast, while ensuring the highest possible visual quality.

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Enterprise On-Premise Solution

As the premier solution in the industry, RapidCompact helps enterprise companies from various verticals to automatically convert and optimize 3D models within their own systems and technical pipelines.

RapidCompact was built with automation capabilities from day one, to ensure that thousands, even hundreds of thousands of 3D models can be processed and optimized through batch processing at scale.

The Core Software and API provides a proven solution to integrate RapidCompact either locally on premise or via cloud on a AWS cloud server.

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What users say about RapidCompact

“RapidCompact has become an integral part of our asset workflow. Drive Customizer platform relies on RapidCompact to provide fast, reliable, and high-quality 3D asset optimization, a process that can also be tailored to specific needs.”

Sergey Stoma
Drive Commerce
RapidCompact partner Drive commerce logo

“This is by far and above the best mesh optimization tool & library. I’ve laid my hands on […]. If you have needs in this space, you must evaluate this solution.”

Pär Winzell
RapidCompact partner META Logo

“We’ve been using RapidCompact over a year now. It’s allowing us to do things which were once impossible.”

Albert Ortig
RapidCompact partner roomle logo

“We are able to save up to 80% time when using RapidCompact compared to a manual workflow.”

Christopher Diederichs
Atelier Markgraph
RapidCompact partner Atelier Markgraph logo

“With RapidCompact you can easily process you entire database. It really makes your 3D pipeline scalable.”

Tobias Nientiedt
Otto logo

“Many industries are waking up to the need to provide high-quality 3D images of their products. But the assets used on consumer-facing websites need to be significantly smaller than the original raw 3D data – which is where RapidCompact comes in. It’s smart, it’s fast, and it’s a one-click solution, making the optimization process super-easy.”

Sascha Rybarczyk
botspot logo

“RapidCompact is truly a game changer for our scalable 3D production pipeline.”

Joakim Tennfors

“With RapidCompact, we experience impressive optimization of 3D models. RapidCompact enables a level of quality and storage reduction that surpasses our previous methods. Thanks to the efficient optimization and compression provided by RapidCompact, the complex CAD models of our customers can be displayed on mobile devices in seconds, with high quality.“

Nina Blömer

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RapidCompact becomes RapidPipeline


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