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RapidCompact – Changelog

This changelog is a summary of all changes for RPDX – The RapidCompact Core Software – since the initial version  1.4.0. Check this page for recent changes available in the core software and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates via email.

RapidCompact v6.9.1 (July 10, 2024)

  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed potential crash when baking non-textured materials while preserving UVs
  • FIX [CLI] –Fixed AO baking triggered in some cases even when disabled
  • FIX [CLI] –Fixed rare crash when converting textures to colors

RapidCompact 6.9.0 (June 28, 2024)

  • NEW [CLI] – New experimental “shrinkwrap_mesh” remeshing method
  • NEW [CLI] – New experimental feature bakes holes in the geometry to an alpha mask on remeshed meshes
  • NEW [CLI] – Resolution setting for remeshing (0 = auto)
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Previous remeshing method still default (“voxelization”)
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Compact won’t modify attributes when the mesh is not reduced now
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Running rpdx in parallel should now be more robust when creating temporary folders
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issues with jpeg mimetypes when export GLB files
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could cause baking artifacts when no scene flattening is used
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed possible crash while cleaning up unused textures
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed instances of missing glTF WebP texture extension information

RapidCompact 6.8.1 (May 29, 2024)

  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue with USD texture transformations when using the generic profile

RapidCompact 6.8.0 (May 06, 2024)

  • NEW [CLI] – Support for importing and exporting cameras for the glTF and USD formats
  • NEW [CLI] – Support for KHR_materials_emissive_strength
  • NEW [CLI] – New setting import:usdProfile defines how an input USD should be interpreted
  • NEW [CLI] – Reading USD texture wrap modes
  • NEW [CLI] – New rendering:toneMapper setting can produce tone mapped renderings when set to pbrNeutral
  • NEW [CLI] – New export:gltfIgnorePbrExtensions setting excludes material extensions on glTF export
  • NEW [CLI] – Mapping AO map to FBX diff_rough_map
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – USD texture transformations read/written according to the USD profile settings
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Performance improvement for compact for scenes with many meshes with UVs
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Performance improvement for baking assets with large meshes
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue in USD Reader that could produce wrong textures if the requested channels are not available
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could produce bad results when preserving normals during decimation
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could lead to missing double-sided mesh flag on USD export
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed a robustness issue importing certain animated FBX files
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed some regressions in compact with filesize target
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue with deterministic results when remeshing
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue that could result in white emissive color in USD materials

RapidCompact 6.7.1 (March 15, 2024)

  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issues that could cause incorrect rendering of materials when rendering after a compact command
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could produce broken baked alpha maps when using atlasing factor
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed rendering of materials with alpha masking
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue affecting export of glTF sheen textures containing roughness but no color component
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue causing sheen values not being properly translated to GLTF from Adobe Standard Surface materials
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could produce wrong emissive colors when using texture aggregation
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed rare crash bug importing USD files with meshes containing both polygons and multiple materials
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could lead to warnings on texture export when decimating with UV preservation
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Improvements to keeping material names preserved
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Changed behaviour of FBX imports to prevent changes in transformations on top nodes where possible
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – USD files will now use st as the default name for UV inputs

RapidCompact 6.7.0 (March 01, 2024)

  • INFO [CLOUD] – Cloud Platform Updates are now shipped more frequently and send automatically to platform subscribers.
  • NEW [CLI] – Support for Adobe Standard Material on USD workflows
  • NEW [CLI] – Support for custom .env IBL maps for rendering using the new setting rendering:IBLFilePath
  • NEW [CLI] – New setting import:alphaMapToOpaqueThreshold allows to make a material opaque depending on the alpha map
  • NEW [CLI] – New setting rendering:IBLIntensity allows the adjustment of the IBL map intensity
  • NEW [CLI] – The blurring of the IBL background can be set using a new setting rendering:IBLBackgroundBlur
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – The IBL map can be rendered as background by setting rendering:background to “ibl”
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – New “original” option for export:usdUnits uses the input file’s metersPerUnit on USD export
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Added maximum texture resolution for each texture type to printInfo/writeInfo
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Improved texture magnification when creating texture aggregation atlases
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could cause USD textures not to load for some referenced USD files
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed texture count in printInfo/writeInfo, each texture type is now counted only once
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue with optimizations behaving different for assets that had specular/glossiness materials given a filesize target
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed rare issue where KTX compression failing could lead to an unusable output
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could cause export errors when running multiple instances of rpdx in parallel
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue in texture aggregation that could lead to duplicated textures
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed rare crash when baking AO maps
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could lead to incomplete materials when using flattening scene depth
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed baking error when baking clearcoat normalmaps when regular normalmap is not baked

RapidCompact 6.6.3 (January 26, 2024)

  • NEW [CLI] – New setting to configure the maximum tesselation devation from CAD surfaces during import
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – GLTF import and export now support more than two UV sets
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – If a STEP file contains both solids and sheets, they will now both be imported instead of just solids
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Compacting with filesize target should not leave any unused materials anymore that could appear in OBJ exports
  • FIX [CLI] – VRM export now fails with an error message if the asset does not contain VRM data to prevent useless but successful exports
  • FIX [CLI] – Morph target (shape key) animation should not disappear anymore during compact under certain circumstances
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed a rare crash during tangent computation
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed a rare crash in USD exports for animated assets

RapidCompact 6.6.2 (January 16, 2024)

  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when exporting an ORM texture if the roughness texture is missing

RapidCompact 6.6.1 (January 15, 2024)

  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue that could cause a crash during compact when re-running decimation

RapidCompact 6.6.0 (December 11, 2023)

  • NEW [CLI] – Initial support for importing, optimizing and exporting VRM avatar assets (0.x spec)
  • NEW [CLI] – Support for importing models using KHR_mesh_quantization
  • NEW [CLI] – New setting for defining how many levels of the scene tree to preserve during flattening
  • NEW [CLI] – New settings for defining naming scripts for nodes and materials
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Changed default settings for KTX UASTC image compression, results should look better and compute faster, but file sizes may increase (can now be controlled via setting)
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Chart aggregation will not remove animations anymore, but will be limited in merging nodes and materials for animated assets for now
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Metrics now contain information about the maximum number of threads RapidCompact will use during runtime
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – FBX exports will not have a new top level node with transformation anymore in most cases
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed lights being lost during flattening
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue with texture aggregation and baked AO maps
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue with some animated assets failing to export to USD

RapidCompact 6.5.1 (October 31, 2023)

  • FIX [CLI] Fixed issue that caused missing scene root transformations in exported FBX files
  • FIX [CLI] Fixed issue that could result in missing occlusion texture information on USD export
  • FIX [CLI] Fixed missing material values on USD import under macOS
  • FIX [CLI] FBX import should not introduce any unit and scaling changes anymore if the input is already in meters

RapidCompact 6.5.0 (October 25, 2023)

  • NEW [CLI] – Initial support for morph target (shape key) import from and export to GLTF and compact
  • NEW [CLI] – Optional aggregation of materials and textures when possible during compact with UV preservation instead of baking
  • NEW [CLI] – New setting to define a roughness value below which baked normalmap pixels will disregard mesh to mesh differences
  • IMPROVEMENT – Improved baking in certain situations with non-opaque layers of geometry
  • IMPROVEMENT – Better support for GLTF files in paths with non-ASCII characters when imported from different folder on Windows
  • IMPROVEMENT – USD files are now exported to system unit cm (centimeters) by default

RapidCompact 6.4.3 (September 25, 2023)

  • IMPROVEMENT USD export compatibility improvements

RapidCompact 6.4.1 (September 14, 2023)

  • NEW [CLI] – Added more colorspace information to normal map shaders in USD exports
  • NEW [CLOUD] Added UI and API functionality to either keep or bake alpha while using remeshing during asset simplification
  • NEW [API] Added normalsShading in the API configurations to set the hard angle (degrees) used in normals generation (0 = everything flat, 180 = everything smooth)
  • NEW [API] Added alphaBlendtoMask in the API to allow using alpha masking instead of blending when the alpha map has 40% or more black or white pixels
  • NEW [API] Released API Schema 2.9
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Fixed an issue with USD exports and per triangle materials
  • FIX [CLOUD] Fixed UX issues in embeds where AR and QR buttons were not displaying correctly depending on the device
  • FIX [CLOUD] Fixed the bug to save existing preset as a custom preset
  • FIX [CLOUD] Fixed a bug that prevented the users from updating old presets
  • FIX [CLOUD] Fixed a bug with paginated search results

RapidCompact 6.4.0 (August 11, 2023)

  • NEW [CLI] – Initial support for compacting of skinned meshes
  • NEW [CLI] – Initial support for simplifying animation curve data
  • NEW [CLOUD] Added VR Support to 3D Viewer for WebXR compatible headsets
  • NEW [CLOUD] Released RapidPBR Closed Beta
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Baking now considers alpha blending if full flattening is performed
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – USD export now sets color space for normals explicitly
  • FIX [CLOUD] Fixed a bug that failed uploading metadata as json file
  • FIX [CLOUD] Fixed a bug that showed tutorial video when there were no matching search results
  • FIX [CLOUD] Fixed a bug that failed favicon to load in Safari browser
  • FIX [CLOUD] Fixed a bug that sometimes failed the detail view to load

RapidCompact 6.3.4 (July 27, 2023)

  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – USD export now properly sets up a default primitive and is generally more compatible with other USD compatible tools

RapidCompact 6.3.3 (July 24, 2023)

  • NEW [CLI] – Added information about numbers of materials with blending modes opaque, alpha blended and alpha masked to printing and writing of asset information
  • NEW [CLI] – Added support for specular color in the FBX exporter
  • NEW [CLI] – Added more file and format information to export metrics
  • NEW [CLI] – New setting import:alphaMapBlendToMaskThreshold for converting alpha blending to alpha mask
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Exporting a file with “usd” extension will now result in binary USD file (for ASCII encoded USD please use “usda” extension explicitly now)
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Removed spurious error message triggered when baking instanced geometry
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Exported USD files will now feature an explicit schema prepend for MaterialBindingAPI to reflect required changes with coming USD versions
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue with baking and meshes decimated to nothing
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue in FBX imports where certain values might end up incorrectly due to conflicting default values

RapidCompact 6.3.2 (May 25, 2023)

  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Updated license system

RapidCompact 6.3.1 (May 23, 2023)

  • NEW [CLI] – Initial support for shrinkwrap remeshing ´REMESHER´
  • NEW [CLI] – Support for baking to multiple atlases ´ATLAS SPLITTING´
  • NEW [CLI] – Added draw call count to printInfo and writeInfo
  • NEW [CLI] – Additional FBX export and import settings
  • NEW [CLOUD] – New Search Engine (faster search, metadata search)
  • NEW [CLOUD] – New Subscription Plans (Yearly, 99 € for Basic plan, overdraft)
  • NEW [CLOUD] – QR Code option for 3D Viewer
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Show render channel inspector menu in 3D viewer
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Save new preset option in Preset Editor for custom presets
  • NEW [CLOUD] – 3D Viewer – Improved sharpness of 3D model and logos on high dpi displays
  • NEW [CLOUD] – UI Detail view updates
  • NEW [CLOUD] – CSV download in user statistics now includes per day, week, month data
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Added ´Download All´ option in source asset section per model
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Added used preset info on optimized model info section + preset download
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Add Remesher option and UI elements to Cloud
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Baking now uses the material’s alpha information for deciding which source surface to bake
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Improved baking accuracy
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Improved decimation of flat surfaces
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Improved 3DsMax PhysicalMaterial FBX import
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Faster and more correct bilinear texture scaling
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Usability improvement – warning in uploader when files are bigger than allowed in plan
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Added mouse-over hint in preset editor when selecting FBX format
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Require new users to approve their email before allowing access to cloud
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed emissive map FBX export
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed incorrect deviation estimation on non-flattened assets
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed a crash issue in FBX import
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed a rare issue where bad numbers in animation data could prevent a successful GLTF/GLB export
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issues with USD texture transforms
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue with animations being only imported partially from FBX files
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue where materials could be lost when using file size target
  • FIX [CLOUD] – CAD upload fails
  • FIX [CLOUD] – Fixed 3D model scaling in UI elements
  • FIX [CLOUD] – Preserve UVs workflow- always bakes AO – UI locked

RapidCompact 6.2.1 (March 07, 2023)

  • NEW [CLI] – Added support for texture translation in USD import
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issues with animations imported from FBX files
  • FIX [CLI] – Removed escaping of forward slashes in GLB files
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed glTF specular texture was ignoring specular map format setting
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue compacting with megabyte targets and palette PNG exports
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue with screensize target, texture scaling and uv preservation
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue with normal computation on duplicated triangles

RapidCompact 6.2.0 (February 13, 2023)

  • NEW [CLI] – Initial support for FBX export
  • NEW [CLI] – Initial support for multiple UV sets in USD import and export
  • NEW [CLI] – New export:usd Profile setting for selecting the type of USD export
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Changed layout of 3D Viewer user interface in optimized models page
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Added ´WebP´ texture option in preset editor for texture formats
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Added ´Preserve Topology´ option in preset editor
  • NEW [API] – Expose option to discard animations via API
  • NEW [ALL] – Implemented a new license server for higher performance and stability
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Compact with megabyte limit will now use export settings from first GLTF/GLB export
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Better preservation of boundaries during decimation
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Better handling of surfaces with coincident opposite facing triangles when computing normals
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Using glTF default material parameters for glTF meshes without materials
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Discarding duplicated UV sets when import:discardUnusedUVs is true
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Upload page now allows more file combinations in ZIP files
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Improved upload time estimation on upload page
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Improved file size display accuracy on optimized models page
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Improved ´report an error´ dialog when an error occured
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Improved wording on cloud statistics page
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Added Google Analytics to cloud portal
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue with USD imports that could lead to the same image texture being duplicated
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue with invisible geometry removal and transparent materials
  • FIX [CLI] – Some fixes to preserving original texture names
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed some issues in compact with filesize limits
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue that could lead to textures being scaled during GLTF/GLB export getting duplicated
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue in USD imports that could lead to missing per triangle materials
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue where the contents of certain USDZ files might not be fully cleaned up after import
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue that could cause a crash during flattening
  • FIX [CLOUD] – RapidPoints not updated after upgrading account in main screen
  • FIX [API] – Fixed wrong size display ´NaN undefined´ on some models uploaded via API


RapidCompact 6.1.1 (December 12, 2022)

  • Fixed USD skinned animations not working on iOS after a change in ARKit

RapidCompact 6.1.0 (November 18, 2022)

  • NEW [CLI] – Support for glTF’s KHR_materials_iridescence extension
  • NEW [CLI] – Setting to pick from render, proxy and guide geometry in USD import
  • NEW [CLI] – Automatic conversion of Z up to Y up scenes in USD files
  • NEW [CLI] – Added setting to add UVs to all meshes with preserved tiling UVs
  • NEW [CLI] – Added setting to force separating the occlusion map on exporting to GLTF/GLB
  • NEW [CLI] – Added setting to allow computing triangle visibility for each mesh individually
  • NEW [CLI] – Added setting to flag neighbours of visibile triangles as visible, too
  • NEW [CLI] – Added settings to replace textures with material values if the maximum pixel error is below specified threshold
  • NEW [CLI] – Added setting that allows to override materials with default values
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Improved support for instanced mesh data from USD files
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Improved support for UV and normal indices from USD files
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Improved support for finding materials in USD files
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Material names should be better preserved on USD export
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Ignoring textures using invalid UV sets on USD export
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – KTX textures will always be scaled to have dimensions divisible by 4 on export
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Improved baking performance for non-flattened assets
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed animated mesh topology import issue from USD files
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issues that could produce wrong materials when baking AO maps to a second UV channel
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed a bug that caused errors when using import:discardUnusedUVs
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed a bug where vertex optimization of meshes with quads would cause bad indexing
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue with that could cause broken occlusion maps on USD export
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could lead to exporting textures using the wrong UV set in USD and OBJ
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed bug in GLTF export that could output incorrect specular textures
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed issue that could result in occlusion being limited to the mesh being baked instead of the whole scene
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed bug that could produce incorrect materials when converting GLTFs with SpecularGlossiness to USD

RapidCompact 6.0.1 (October 10, 2022)

  • NEW [CLOUD] – Added a new page to download CLI versions for Windows, Mac and Linux for Pro and Enterprise users
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Custom optimization presets can now contain only one output file format instead of always 2-3
  • NEW [CLOUD] – (Enterprise) Imported CAD files are now directly downloadable as USD or GLTF file in the source models section
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Added a new Studio Light HDRI to the 3D viewer
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Added an exposure setting in the 3D viewer for the HDRI brightness independent from camera exposure
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Improved support ticket creation with additional information and better formatting
  • FIX [CLOUD] – Fixed help items not appearing on mouse hover in Safari within the 3D viewer
  • FIX [CLOUD] – Fixed a small problem with wrong version numbers in about screen
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed a problem related to multiple decimation limits not always taken into account
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed a problem that could lead to incorrect re-baking of normals when preserving UVs
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed an issue that could result in long decimation times when using screen size target
  • CHANGE [ALL] – Removed support for the JT file format

RapidCompact 6.0.0 (September 02, 2022)

  • NEW [CLI] – Screensize target for compact and decimation
  • NEW [CLI] – New rendering shading modes for individual material properties
  • NEW [CLI] – Added a feature to allow keeping the original texture filenames if possible
  • NEW [CLI] – Decimation will not attempt to preserve topology by default anymore (can be controlled via setting)
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Added click to enlarge thumbnail in source models details view
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Additional Info above Optimize button to show what will be optimized
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Added option to export USD file format
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Adjust AO strength with slider in preset editor
  • NEW [CLOUD] – Model IDs are now searchable
  • NEW [CLOUD] – ´esc´ key removes and resets search string
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLI] – Improved performance computing tangents on large meshes
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Prevent browser tab/window to close when uploading files
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Several UI improvements in Preset Editor interface
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Upload page usability improvements
  • IMPROVEMENT [CLOUD] – Improved warnings and errors on source assets
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed rare issue with materials in GLTF import
  • FIX [CLI] – Fixed a rare compatibility issue with draco compressed GLTF exports
  • FIX [CLOUD] – Fixed Preset main parameters showing ´unknown´
  • FIX [CLOUD] – Wrong calculation of cloud storage space after deleting files
  • FIX [CLOUD] – Fixed Infinite optimization progress bar loading
  • FIX [CLOUD] – 3D Viewer HDRI rotation working with non-hdri background
  • FIX [CLOUD] – Fix renaming source models (extension)
  • FIX [CLOUD] – Prevent incomplete uploaded models to be analyzed

RapidCompact 5.6.0 (July 13, 2022)

  • Support for import and export of WebP textures and relevant GLTF extension
  • Improved generated occlusion textures
  • New setting for generated occlusion texture “strength”
  • Added setting to control copying vs. re-encoding of unchanged input textures
  • Fixed an issue when importing certain complex USD hierarchies
  • Fixed an issue that could introduce UV overlaps when ensuring UV stretch maximum
  • Fixed an issue with USD import that could lead to a crash
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with indices in certain USD imports

RapidCompact 5.5.0 (June 15, 2022)

  • Improved normalmap baking with post filtering
  • Added support for material clearcoat in USD(Z) export
  • Smaller USD(Z) files for certain models with UVs
  • Improved support for PBR material import via FBX
  • Improved FBX import robustness with questionable material indices
  • Improved FBX import of alpha masks
  • Faster compression of multiple images during GLTF export
  • Improved UV unwrapping performance for certain models with many resulting charts
  • Rendering failure will no longer stop the following commands to execute
  • Fixed an issue in rendering models with single channel textures

RapidCompact 5.4.3 (May 09, 2022)

  • Fixed some issues with USD instancing on import
  • USD import can now handle texture scaling
  • USD import will now maintain material names
  • Fixed textures not exported with the requested format when converting GLB to GLB
  • Fixed a multithreading issue in visibility computation
  • Added a warning if exporting a GLB file greater than 4 GB

RapidCompact 5.4.2 (April 20, 2022)

  • Fixed emissive values missing in USD export
  • Fixed rare bug where duplicate triangles could lead to visual errors in meshes after UV unwrapping
  • Fixed bug that could lead to a crash when meshes get decimated to zero faces
  • Fixed bug that could lead to a crash when baking normalmaps on meshes missing normals and tangents
  • Fixed issue that could cause errors when exporting USDZ files

RapidCompact v5.4.1 (April 04, 2022)

  • USD export will now write alpha masks if appropriate instead of converting to alpha blending

RapidCompact v5.4.0 (March 10, 2022)

  • Automatic splitting and re-unwrapping of UV charts with too much stretch
  • Improved UV packing for certain problematic charts
  • UV packing is now deterministic
  • USD import now supports double-sided mesh to material conversion
  • Experimental support for glTF style scale of baked normalmaps (baking:normalMapScale)
  • Fixed incorrect materials on some models when flattening by material
  • Fixed issues with texture export that could affect GLB and OBJ files
  • Fixed issue that could result in incorrect materials when compacting assets with a single mesh

RapidCompact v5.3.2 (February 17, 2022)

  • Fixed issue when reading glTF files containing non-float vertex colors
  • Fixed potential crash during rendering for meshes using textures but missing UVs
  • Fixed possible crash when using the edgeLength decimation method
  • Fixed issue that could hang the renderer on geometry with hundreds of translucent layers
  • Fixed issue in small feature removal

RapidCompact v5.3.1 (February 08, 2022)

  • Fixed an issue where temporary files during unpacking or packing USDZ files might not get removed

RapidCompact v5.3.0 (February 02, 2022)

  • Preserving original textures when possible on export
  • Added support for GLTF extension KHR_lights_punctual
  • Fixed issue that produced duplicated materials in certain assets
  • Fixed baking issue that resulted in incorrect AO maps on non-flattened assets

RapidCompact v5.2.0 (December 20, 2021)

  • Improved baking performance
  • Improved rendering performance
  • Added support for triangulating polygons during USD(Z) import

RapidCompact v5.1.1 (November 24, 2021)

  • Fixed a crash when dropping 1 pixel textures
  • USD importer will now use first frame of animation if available instead of pose frame
  • USD importer now handles spatial units
  • Fixed baking from vertex colors was skipped in some cases if baking:generateNormal was set to false
  • Skipping baking of maps set to zero size when using compact:pixelsPerUnitLength
  • Added glTF supported/unsupported extension list to printInfo and writeInfo commands

RapidCompact v5.1.0 (November 17, 2021)

  • Added support for GLTF extensions KHR_materials_volume and KHR_materials_ior (import/export, baking, rendering, …)
  • Added support for KTX image import
  • Added option for texture color quantization to 256 color palettes on PNG export
  • Improved merging/splitting of meshes based on material properties
  • Improved mesh vertex data optimization on export
  • GLTF export now supports 32 bit indices
  • Animation frames with redundant data are now filtered
  • USD import further compatibility improvements
  • Fixes in general file import, USD export, rendering

RapidCompact v5.0.6 (November 10, 2021)

  • Detecting/fixing invalid normals on import
  • Fixed issue that could produce black AO on non-opaque meshes
  • Fixed issue that could cause a crash during rendering of textured meshes with missing UVs
  • Enabled rendering and compaction for meshes with quad geometry.
  • USD import improvements (xforms, per tri/quad materials, color, opacity and roughness/metallic values, etc)

RapidCompact v5.0.5 (October 28, 2021)

  • Added support for quad geometry in USD import
  • Improved support for loading UVs from USD

RapidCompact v5.0.4 (October 27, 2021)

  • Fixed a rare crash bug in mesh splitting

RapidCompact v5.0.3 (October 19, 2021)

  • Fixed issue that could cause non-flattened meshes to skip decimation

RapidCompact v5.0.2 (October 15, 2021)

  • Updates to cloud licensing system
  • If metrics filename contains a path that doesn’t exist yet it will now be created

RapidCompact v5.0.1 (October 8, 2021)

  • Fixed issues with loading normals from certain FBX files

RapidCompact v5.0.0 (October 01, 2021)

  • Limited support to import USD and USDZ files, particularly from photogrammetry tools
  • Optional support to preserve mesh normals during decimation
  • New settings to control KTX export speed and quality vs. compression
  • New setting to control speed vs quality of invisible geometry removal
  • Optional proxy support for CLI cloud licensing
  • Fixes in mesh repair, compact, mesh splitting, baking, FBX and GLTF import

RapidCompact v4.7.1 (September 17, 2021)

  • Fixed issue affecting transformations of some nodes from FBX input
  • Fixed issues with atlasing modes “separateNormals” and “separateNormalsAlpha”
  • Improved handling of problematic input normals when generating tangents
  • Fixed rare crash during decimation with UV preservation

RapidCompact v4.7.0 (September 10, 2021)

  • USD exports units as meters
  • Fixed issue that could lead to exporting repeated textures
  • Fixed animations not working when exporting glTF with Draco
  • Fixed issues with 1 or 2 channel textures exported to KTX2
  • Added a setting to discard animations after import
  • Fixed issue that could hang the application during UV preserving decimation
  • Fixed some issues with skinned animations export
  • Fixed issue with PLY writer not exporting a color texture in some cases
  • Fixed missing vertex colors when baking models with Specular/Glossiness materials
  • Fixed issue that could produce incorrect baking of some channels when vertex colors are present
  • Fixed issue that could result in incorrect baking of AO in non-flattened models
  • Fixed issue with loading of images with special characters in their path on Windows

RapidCompact v4.6.0 (August 10, 2021)

  • Support for import and export of skinned mesh animation
  • Support for FBX import of rigid and skinned animations
  • Experimental support for USDZ animation export
  • Improved performance and accuracy for invisible triangle removal
  • Support for KHR_materials_specular
  • FBX import will now convert data to meters (same as GLTF)
  • Color space fixes for baking assets with vertex colors
  • Fixes for KTX export, texture transforms, GLTF export

RapidCompact v4.5.3 (July 08, 2021)

  • Fixed issue that could result in incorrect merging of ORM textures on GLTF export

RapidCompact v4.5.2 (July 07, 2021)

  • Vertex colors are now exported in GLTF/GLB
  • Fixed issue affecting glTF export of some multi-material meshes
  • Fixed missing emissive factor after baking emissive textures
  • Support for normal map scale factor on GLTF/GLB and USDZ exports

RapidCompact v4.5.1 (June 07, 2021)

  • PrintInfo now displays more information on glTF input animations (including skinning and morph targets which are not supported)
  • New export:forceDoubleSidedMaterials setting
  • Fixes in visibility computation and FBX import

RapidCompact v4.5.0 (May 07, 2021)

  • New and improved decimation algorithm when preserving mesh features like UVs, materials, etc
  • Initial support for GLTF PBR Next materials (clearcoat, transmission, sheen)
  • Initial support for GLTF unlit materials (and partial support for compact)
  • Compact will now recompute normals under certain circumstances if preserving them would lead to visual artifacts
  • Compact can now split meshes by opacity (default), material or not at all (previous behaviour)
  • Compact will not preserve tiled UVs by default anymore (this can of course still be enabled via settings)
  • GLTF will now be exported with unused UV sets by default
  • New option to remove unused UV sets on import
  • KTX image export will now contain full mipmap chains by default for better viewer compatibility
  • Various fixes to FBX import, segmentation, UV packing, compact, baking and material handling

RapidCompact v4.4.0 (March 19, 2021)

  • Improved baking, in particular along UV seams and with texture transforms, but also in general
  • Improved FBX import, in particular concerning PhysicalMaterials
  • PNG files exported from RapidCompact are now considerably smaller
  • GLTF/GLB file loading more compatible with non-ASCII filename characters
  • OBJ export now exports spec/gloss material if asset has both that and metal/roughness values or textures
  • Some fixes in decimation, UV packing, alpha mode detection and rendering

RapidCompact v4.3.2 (February 17, 2021)

  • Outputting separate atlases for normal map baking with atlasing:separateMaterials
  • Cleaner scene structure for FBX nodes containing geometry transformations

RapidCompact v4.3.1 (February 05, 2021)

  • Some fixes for UASTC support for KTX files
  • More robust handling of texture transforms with bad numbers

RapidCompact v4.3.0 (January 28, 2021)

  • Removing invisible geometry will now consider all opaque nodes as a whole
  • Improved FBX PhysicalMaterial import (support for certain kinds of spec/gloss materials)
  • KTX export support updated and now also includes Basis UASTC payloads
  • USDZ export will now bake non-default color values into the texture
  • Flattening by material now interacts with other settings more consistently
  • Fixed baking of meshes with mixed vertex colors, textures and values
  • Ambient occlusion will now only consider opaque geometry
  • Fixed rare crash when resizing textures
  • Fixed performance issue with large meshes with high number of degenerate triangles
  • Fixed issue with converting node transformations

RapidCompact v4.2.2 (January 11, 2021)

  • Baking: improved baking of close geometry layers
  • Baking: setting texture resolution to 0 now disables baking of the respective texture
  • Decimation: fixed issue that could lead to flipped triangles on flat surfaces
  • Export: fixed issue with incorrect convertion of glossiness to roughness values in glTF export
  • Unwrapping: increased performance
  • glTF: fixed issue in bi-tangents computation on multi-primitive meshes
  • glTF: fixed wrong Jpeg quality settings when outputting .glbs
  • Compact: fixed a bug in parsing setting for small feature removal

RapidCompact v4.2.1 (December 07, 2020)

  • Improvements for baking quality
  • Fixed an issue in UV packing that lead to some charts being scaled to zero and packed at the origin
  • More robust handling of GLTF imports with invalid material indices

RapidCompact v4.2.0 (November 27, 2020)

  • Improved compact with megabyte target, including generation of AO texture for tiled meshes
  • Experimental support for exporting glTF rigid animations to USDZ

RapidCompact v4.1.1 (November 11, 2020)

  • Fixed a rare crash bug in UV generation
  • Improved UV generation for models with certain kinds of degenerate input

RapidCompact v4.1.0 (November 06, 2020)

  • Support for glTF rigid animations
  • Splitting glTF meshes containing materials with different alpha values
  • UV packing: new algorithm, faster and more accurate
  • UV packing: chart axis alignment
  • UV packing: support for pixel-based padding
  • FBX import: improved support for PhysicalMaterial (in particular transparency)
  • Export: settings for maximum texture resolution, allowing for automatic texture downscale
  • Fixed issues caused by textured models missing UV coordinates

RapidCompact v4.0.5 (October 07, 2020)

  • Fixed potential crash for FBX models with incomplete UV information
  • Fixed issue importing FBX files from subdirectories or complex paths
  • Fixed issue that could cause incorrect results when baking AO on a second UV set
  • Fixed issue that could lead to baking artifacts in some models
  • More robust rpdx cloud based license handling
  • Improved rpdx command line parameters validation
  • Improved reporting of missed/met decimation targets
  • KTX2/basis compression now allows non-power-of-2 export

RapidCompact v4.0.4 (September 18, 2020)

  • Fixed empty names on some objects when exporting OBJs
  • Improved RapidCompact could connection reliability and error reporting
  • New setting for disabling rendering of drop shadow
  • Fixed baking issue that could cause very small charts to not be baked
  • Fixed default metallic values not always being baked correctly
  • Fixed assets without UVs skipping baking when preserveUVs was enabled

RapidCompact v4.0.3  (September 03, 2020)

  • Fixed incorrect naming for some materials during OBJ export

RapidCompact v4.0.2 (August 28, 2020)

  • More robust converting/unifying of specular/gloss materials to roughness/metal
  • Fixed potential endless loop in compact with megabyte target
  • Fixed potential issue with reaching target sizes in compact
  • Fixed potential issues in baking ambient occlusion
  • Fixed commandline information if RapidCompact points have run out

RapidCompact v4.0.1 (August 20, 2020)

  • New defaults for decimation:preserveTopology and decimation:collapseDistanceThreshold settings
  • Fixed possible crash when baking assets without normals
  • Fixed artifacts in baked ambient occlusion maps
  • Fixed issues with unwrapping on particular models
  • Fixed possible failure during preserve UV decimation with decimation:collapseUnconnectedVertices=false
  • Fixed Ambient Occlusion texture not always read when shared by multiple materials in glTF
  • Fixed default metallic/roughness values from settings not applied when writing glTF

RapidCompact v4.0.0 (August 14, 2020)

  • Initial specular/gloss material support (GLTF)
  • Initial support for importing STEP and JT files (optional and will require extra licensing for on-premise solutions)
  • Improved baking
  • Improved FBX PBR material support
  • Improved rendering: drop shadows, vignette backgrounds, better ambient occlusion
  • Improved multi-UV support
  • More powerful compact now also supports small feature removal and hidden geometry removal
  • Compact with megabyte target now supports multiple atlases, enforces power of two textures if required
  • New settings: JPG quality control, scale on export

RapidCompact v3.1.4 (May 26, 2020)

  • Fixed USDZ export issues under macOS
  • Fixes/improvements on the compact megabyte target

RapidCompact v3.1.3 (May 11, 2020)

  • Added support for texture transforms in glTF files
  • Preserving doubleSided glTF materials during baking
  • Skipping baking during compact when possible if preserveUVs is on
  • Respecting texture wrapping mode during baking/rendering

RapidCompact v3.1.2 (April 17, 2020)

  • Various fixes to Macos executables
  • Maximum baking resolution is now 16k instead of 8k
  • Fixed an issue with centering asset on export

RapidCompact v3.1.1 (March 26, 2020)

  • Prevention of UV flips when preserving UVs during simplification
  • Improved detection of STL binary/ASCII formats
  • Fixed USDZ export issues under macOS

RapidCompact v3.1.0 (May 16, 2020)

  • New functionality: preservation of UV channels for tiling (repeating) textures
  • Compact: meshes with tiling UV channels can also be unwrapped to an additional, non-tiling UV channel (e.g. for lightmaps)
  • Compact: scaling of texture dimensions according to the new Pixels per Unit Length setting
  • New flattening mode ‘byMaterial’
  • New compact atlasing mode setting, provides more control over the results of the baking process
  • Fixed issue with removal of duplicated UVs during decimation when using UV preservation
  • Fixed possible crashes in remove invisible triangles computation
  • Many other fixes and improvements

RapidCompact v3.0.0 (January 28, 2020)

  • Preservation of scene structure including nodes, transformations and instanced meshes
  • Support for flattening assets by opacity or completely for reducing draw calls
  • Separate handling of meshes using translucent materials for correct rendering with depth sorting rasterizers
  • FBX import (with limited material system support)
  • USD export (updated to current Pixar USD release, support for instancing, better material support, fixed some writing issues)
  • Baking separate atlas for meshes with only normal or occlusion maps

RapidCompact v2.1.2 (November 28, 2019)

  • Fixed misleading warnings in USD export
  • Fixed USD export failing on macOS
  • MB compact target skips normal maps if they become too small and other small fixes
  • Fixed missing ‘Tr’ parameter in OBJ export

RapidCompact v2.1.1 (October 31, 2019)

  • Fixed textures duplicated when shared between multiple materials
  • Megabyte target now skips normal map generation if its resolution would be too low
  • Fixed possible crash during baking when a mesh contains both vertex normals and material color
  • Fixed glTF PBR Material factors read incorrectly in some cases

RapidCompact v2.1.0 (October 17, 2019)

  • Improved filesize target (MB) computation for the compact command
  • Optional preservation of UVs during decimation
  • Small feature culling
  • Fixed issues with importing glTF models with mirror transformations
  • Fixed segmentation issue that lead to distorted charts in some models

RapidCompact v2.0.3 (August 26, 2019)

  • Added atlasAspectRatio parameter to PackingParams in the SDK
  • Reading transparency (dissolve) from OBJ materials
  • Fixed issues when importing certain glTF models containing vertex colors
  • Small improvements and fixes related to material parameters, baking and rendering

RapidCompact v2.0.2 (July 01, 2019)

  • Fixed crash for specific charts that are hard to unwrap

RapidCompact v2.0.1 (June 13, 2019)

  • Fixed issues with filesize target for compaction
  • Fixed issue with glTF export when normal map generation was disabled
  • Improved handling of non-standard normal indices definition in OBJ files

RapidCompact v2.0.0 (June 07, 2019)

  • Quad meshing/remeshing
  • GLB filesize target for the compact command
  • Removal of invisible geometry
  • Baking generic textures from OBJ materials
  • New rendering modes (PBR, wireframe)
  • Second DOF for turntable rendering
  • STL import/export
  • Lossy Draco compression
  • Automatic texture format selection
  • Selection of normal computation method
  • Scaling command
  • Preserving single materials after decimation
  • Removal of unconnected vertices during simplification (fix/improvement)
  • Fixed crash when GLTF referenced 16 bit PNG files
  • Fixed crash when exporting multiple GLTF files
  • Fixed issue when loading glTFs with 16bit PNGs
  • Several smaller fixes and performance improvements

RapidCompact v1.6.0 (March 18, 2019)

  • USDZ export
  • OpenCTM import/export
  • New metrics system provides details on the execution of the individual commands
  • Improved glTF reader performance for larger geometries
  • Fixed error in merging of small charts into larger ones
  • Fixed errors in tangent generation under certain conditions which lead to errors in the output normal map
  • Fixed glTF issue when loading non supported primitive types
  • Fixed glTF issue failing to load single channel texture images
  • Fixed incomplete tesselation when loading certain OBJ meshes
  • Fixed issue that could lead to invalid UV indices when exporting OBJs
  • Fixed problems when loading certain JPEG files

RapidCompact v1.5.1 (March 05, 2019)

  • Fixed SDK bug that prevented multiple simplification instances in parallel
  • Increased precision of the position values written by the RPDX OBJ exporter
  • Fixed UV issues when mixed textured/non-textured parts are present in the input

RapidCompact v1.5.0 (March 01, 2019)

  • New simplifier mode that guarantees preservation of topology
  • Several simplification quality improvements, related to triangle flip prevention and handling of duplicate vertices
  • Significantly reduced number of tiny charts in UV segmentation
  • Fix in PLY loader for non-standard PLY files
  • Fix in tangent frame generation during texture baking
  • Consistent handling of texture format & channels in texture I/O
  • Added PBR maps to OBJ export when they were imported from glTF
  • Significantly faster PLY loading
  • Significantly faster OBJ writing

RapidCompact v1.4.1 (January 11, 2019)

  • Fix in CMake file RPDConfig.cmake (library detection on Linux)
  • Fixed warning regarding legacy IUV_KEYFILE variable
  • Resolved ambiguity for BakingDataSource in SDK
  • Fixed issue with license key detection in SDK

RapidCompact v1.4.0 (December 21, 2018)

  • Initial RapidCompact version by DGG


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